“Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” — M. Scott Peck

“Eat the frog” is a term used, to get a difficult or unpleasant task done first on priority basis. While the Pomodoro is well known time management technique introduced by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. This is efficient and simple tool which only needs a timer to break down the task to be done, into small intervals. The interval ideally consists on 25 minutes.

This technique is best therapy for those who always faced the time constraint in their everyday tasks. Whenever you just completed the task of each interval treat yourself in break time with candy or a glass of water.

Step one (01):

Decide a task to be done

I have to complete the compilation of fifty (50) final case reports; time limit was two hours (02 Hrs).

Step two (02):

Setting up interval alarms

I have set the 4 alarm with the interval of 25 minutes, and five (05) minutes for break to treat myself in doing the task.

Step three (03):

Completion of task using pomodoro technique

I started work on the task and maintained a chart while completing the each interval I gave a break of 5 minutes to myself and put a star on the chart the process continued until it’s done. Unfortunately I was not be able to complete it on the prescribed time period due to distractions which are as follows: i. Urgent call of the High Up. ii. Helped the office mate to finished his task of registering the complaint. iii. Entertaining the visiting media guest to brief him about progress of work done by the department in the sector of complaints.

Step four (04):

When the alarm rings

I started work accordingly and followed the planned procedure. I kept doing work until the alarm rings, then I took a break and then again move back to work and so on.

I completed the task in two hours and 25 minutes (02.25 hrs), that’s why I need to reprocess the task for more 25 minutes.

My Experience and lessons learned.

In the beginning of the task I feel uncomfortable to write it down on the chart and follow the plan, but then I started the work I feel new energy in me. I found my energy level on peak after reaching to the third half of the chart by following the pomodoro technique when the alarm rings it brings me new motivation to work more excitedly than before.

This technique helps me a lot in accomplishing the task on the right time so I got spare time to do other stuff.

Yes I have promised myself to follow this technique throughout my career and everyday routine chores as well.

I found a solution to improve my way to apply this technique by getting a manual portable alarm ringer so I can put more efforts in the tasks without any distraction which later can be faced during using of mobile alarm.

I am going to make a habit of distributing bigger tasks into small chunks and keep on doing work accordingly so that I can be more productive.

I am able to give myself more treats to feel love for myself this can help me doing my tasks efficiently and effectively with my inner satisfaction. Through this technique I can be able to work more and more without feeling any hesitation or reluctance or procrastination.

My message for everyone out there who is reading this, please do apply this amazing technique and the results will amazed you as I experienced. It is a heavenly experience for myself regarding time management and accomplishing the tasks which are worth to do.

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