#AmalFamily outdoor session :)

The main purpose and focus of Amal Academy (Team Amal) to help fellows in learning the practical lifelong lessons which are not being taught in our universities and tradition educational institutes. Throughout our fellowship program we learned how to implement the lessons which we learned in traditional educational institutes through such activities, which are significant for the career and personality development of the students. This outdoor session activity has been included in our fellowship program course to practice all the lessons which we learned in the fellowship journey of three months.

Credit: Mubashar Rasheed

This was one of the amazing sessions throughout our fellowship program. We learned how to behave democratically in a team setting and deciding about anything with the consensus of every member. This learning is such a wonderful experience for me and for every fellow, which is being applicable in our every professional setting.

As I have not been witnessed such kind of great experience in my life before, it was an amazing experience for me. I learned more being someone who was guided, through this I can be able to understand the different perspective of others, I think we can learn more from others while absorbing their behaviors and their learning help us to grasp the true essence. Like in this activity, I learned great strategies of organizing the events which are of great importance for us in our learning. This activity helped me to learn we should take initiative and lead without authority, to bring change in everything we cared about.

What we learned!

We visited the Old Anarkali Lahore for breakfast and to explore the beauty of Walled City of Lahore, as well as to get the real taste of Lahore. We explored old buildings around there while walking to the food spot, which helped us learning the uncertainty of life and evolutionary process of progress.

Exploring the Food Street (Old Anarkali Lahore)

We learned how to manage our less resource to get maximum benefit out of it, the audit expert Zeeshan Magsi helped us a lot to manage this activity to maximize its outcome. Our Mentor Sir Saad joined us there, which was an amazing experience to have him among us in cool attire; his presence gives us more energy to learn and explore more.

Having well planned meal :)

After exploring and having meal in Old Anarkali Lahore we moved to the greater Iqbal Park to feel the essence of patriotism by seeing the Minar-E-Pakistan, this splendid view helped me to commemorate the event of 23th march 1947. Then we moved to the National History Museum of Pakistan to get deep insights about the struggle which our forefathers made before and after the constitution of Pakistan. This helped us learning many new aspects of history of Pakistan as well as our team management, leadership, love for learning. The way everyone played their roles as an MVTP in our whole batch, specially Tuba Batool, Affan Afzal, Abdul Mateen, Daniyal Faridi, who did great job to organize everything in such a great and streamlined manner that no one faced any problem and hesitancy due to their backing efforts. Mubashar Rasheed captured every special moment of every fellow has an important lesson to learn, doing for others has more satisfaction than for doing ourselves.

Group Photo: Outside the National History Museum Lahore

To maintain work/life balance.

This session has a significant importance of my learning to maintain work/life balance. This helped me realize the importance outdoor activities to explore much more around us which we often neglected due to mismanagement of working balance in our life. We must exclude some time for ourselves and the ones who we cared about. I am so much obliged for the presence of mentor Sir Saad who spent his precious time out of his busy schedules with us to help us learning the basic essence of this activity that we should learned to maintain the work/life balance to live a happy and successful life.

Credit: Mubashar Rasheed

After this outdoor activity we arranged a Bar B Q, an Open Mic, and an activity of giving the Titles and descriptions of the fellows by the great fellow Asima Rehman and Hammad Rafeeq the people behind the efforts are Faiqa Hafeez, Mahnoor Arshad, Sadna, Tuba Batool.

Everyone was given the great titles and descriptions.

This activity helped us learning and observing the behaviors of people around us so we can connect with them by sharing their personality traits which we observed. This activity is the true practical implication of lesson which we learned in the fellowship for being interested in people than being interesting.

After this activity Sir Saad shared some insightful words which are to be remembered for our whole life. He has given us the lifelong learning tip to stay happy and successful in life.

Sir Saad is giving us the lifelong learning tip to stay happy and successful.

In an Open-Mic activity Subas Aftab, Ali Haider, Usman performed amazingly, which helped us learning the importance of music in our lives to which relaxed us from stress.

Ali Haider Abbasi Performing in Open Mic
Subas Aftab Performing in Open Mic
Usman performing in Open Mic

After Open-Mic activity we moved to the BarB Q scene, which is well organized and managed by specially Affan Afzal, Abdul Mateen, Tuba Batool, Mubashar Rasheed, Daniyal Faridi. This activity helped me learning the key skills of leading the team and managing the lesser resources to maximize the output.

Abudl Mateen managing the Bar B Q activity for us.

That was an amazing day, lots of learning, fun, excitement, memories. Thank you so much every fellow who present there to be a part of this event and the ones who have not joined due to some circumstances. I am highly obliged for the Team Amal for such great learning experience.

PS: Ma’am Aleena was looking Awesome that day! She had cold that day, and not feeling well but she never compromised her presence to make our day memorable. This has lesson for us that team has more significant place in our lives than our own self.

A million dollar smile :)

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