The meal for fast in Ramadan is of great significance which is the ultimate heaven on earth for health and boost immunity. This is a sacred month for Muslims and respected by every religion around the world. Having its distinctive importance in the Islamic calendar. It brings a lot of blessings.

A list of healthy meals will make your Ramadan Meal 2021 exciting.

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The main purpose and focus of Amal Academy (Team Amal) to help fellows in learning the practical lifelong lessons which are not being taught in our universities and tradition educational institutes. Throughout our fellowship program we learned how to implement the lessons which we learned in traditional educational institutes through such activities, which are significant for the career and personality development of the students. This outdoor session activity has been included in our fellowship program course to practice all the lessons which we learned in the fellowship journey of three months.

Credit: Mubashar Rasheed

This was one of the amazing sessions throughout our…

Amal Career-Prep Fellowship:


For me the (divine) journey begins in 12th October 2019, at Amal Academy Campus. The fellowship offered by the Amal Academy with the purpose to help Pakistani youth to develop their professional and soft skills, which are necessary for their career development. During this fellowship I have learned many aspects of lifelong lessons. The favorite aspect which I have learned from my fellowship experience is, Team building, connecting to the people in team and give them my best, to explore the best in them.

This is the 🗣 of a dynamic 👨‍✈ of Pakistan’s 🛳 airforces!

He is 🛩👨‍✈, having a great❤ to 🤺 for the 🇵🇰. 1⃣🏞 he was on 🚁 round 🚨 above the 🏝 of Karachi. Suddenly ⛈ and he has to 🛬 early to save the 🚁 which is the 💰 of 🇵🇰, while landing the 🚁 in 🌊🛳 he got a huge ⚡. Due to this accident🚑 he got severe injuries on his 🤕, pressure on the 🧠 causes lost of his both 👁👁 . He remained 🛏 about 3⃣ years in🏥. …

The problem I cared about!

The educational scenario in Pakistan is not as good as it needed to be. There are many government and non-governmental organizations working rigorously to raise the educational standards in Pakistan but still not gain much progress. Due to non-availability of quality guidance, coaching, psychological help through convenient means, they feel hesitant to consult their issues with traditional teachers in schools, colleges, universities; students are unable to grasp the true essence of their learning. Due to lack of resources and hesitancy many students are not able to reach out to the expert guidance or opinion while…

“Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy.” Fred De Witt Van Amburgh

Being kind and humble is the basic human instinct which can help humans, building societies and nations. Gratitude is the key element to pay best regards to everyone’s efforts and kind deeds in our lives, which means a lot for us.

As human beings we pass through many phases in our lives, seen many ups and downs, meeting with other human beings in our lives. As we are social animals, we need others to live with us, do for…

1. Lesson learned from the reading Do This And You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere.

Image source:

“Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.” -Dale Carnegie

I am feeling so much honored to share the lifelong lessons I have learned from the reading.

To be honest, I am not a good reader and quick learner. While reading the chapter given in the project activity, I feel amazed and blessed to be reading this amazing piece of work and read it completely. I became astonished to know that as per study conducted by the New York Telephone Company, people used personal pronoun…

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. -Pablo Picaso. “Pablo Picaso”

I want to work on learning the skills of sketching which is once I’ve dreamt of it in my #JustStart project. Now I have the chance and urge to learn something about the thing which once I’ve dreamt of it.

Because I loved to play with colors, do painting and drawing in my childhood, It was my dream to learn Sketching Professionally and Painting by pursuing my professional degree in it. I want to become an artist in my…


In my view, the most neglected social issue, never be highlighted or be discussed in the developing countries, importantly in Pakistan. Situation worsened day by day. This issue is the mother of many other social issues to be found in our society like deaths, injuries and disabilities, homelessness. Emotional and psychological trauma, drugs etc.

Pic Courtesy LUMS (Social Sciences Dep)


I have reached to the victims who reported their happening in respective police stations in Lahore, and reached them with prior permission and their consent.

The incidents are being shared as summarized stories to…

“Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” — M. Scott Peck

“Eat the frog” is a term used, to get a difficult or unpleasant task done first on priority basis. While the Pomodoro is well known time management technique introduced by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. This is efficient and simple tool which only needs a timer to break down the task to be done, into small intervals. The interval ideally consists on 25 minutes.

This is Mubasher's Blog, a food enthusiast who loves to write about the Food and all about Food :)

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